Case Study: Hypergrowth
Through Content Marketing


How to use Boxter's SAIL system

to rapidly grow website traffic

"You need to solve the pain points between strategy and marketing to achieve Hypergrowth."

1. Validate value proposition and create customer personas

2. Perform competitive analysis

3. Create a content strategy and editorial calendar

4. Implement and iterate your content marketing campaign

Data: Monthly unique visitors to


How do you get 200% Growth in 6 Months?


Boxter has collected one year of analytics from the website, and compared the data to the marketing strategies used over time.  The year can be clearly divided into three different phases of marketing.


Phase 1: June-October 2013



In the beginning there was a slow trickle of site visitors (39 unique visitors a month).  A blog was created, but there was no clear content strategy.  Word of mouth and some online promotions began to increase traffic over time. But these methods didn't lead to enough traffic to be profitable, and traffic started to level off at around 500 unique visitors per month after 5 months of effort.


Phase 2: November-January 2014


Traditional online marketing tactics were employed in the second phase, with ads, SEO and social media campaigns.  This led to an increase in traffic to a high of 1,253 unique monthly visitors in December, but it proved to be unsustainable.  Traffic declined to 800 visitors when pay-per-click spending was decreased.


Phase 3: February 2014-present



In February 2014 Boxter began testing the SAIL system on the Simplpost website, and it led to a 63% jump in organic web traffic within one month (800 to 1,306). A clear marketing strategy was developed through the following research:

1. Boxter researched and created target customer personas

2. Competitive analysis: BOATS content scoring reports were made and compared

3. Competitive analysis: DWARFS website analysis reports were done

4. Content Strategy was completed based on research and a campaign was initiated

5. Analytics were tracked and adjustments were made during content marketing campaign



This research led to a new SAIL marketing strategy: 

  • A new blog post design template was created
  • New article guidelines were set
  • Research began on new content to write
  • An editorial calendar was created
  • Marketing channels were picked and tested

Once the strategy was created, it was simply a matter of following the set guidelines to reach target goals.  A steady increase in organic search and web traffic has continued even though no money has been spent on traditional advertising, SEO or PR in the last five months. SAIL made sense of the marketing and provided easy to follow steps.

These steps are what caused the 200% increase in sustainable organic web traffic in just 6 months. Fixing these pain points with SAIL led to Hypergrowth.


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How Can This Work for Any Business?

Simplpost is a tech company, but online marketing can be just as effective for any type of business.  Research shows that online marketing has the highest ROI and greatest potential for growth. 


Relationship Between Web Traffic and Revenue

The monthly revenue numbers grew directly alongside the amount of unique site visitors.  All that is required is lead generation through email capture and/or direct sales available through the website.


Any business with a similar correlation between web traffic and revenue can get real results from this content strategy system. The ROI of Boxter's system was 300% higher than traditional marketing, and it's also proving to be a better long term investment, since the organic traffic continues to grow over time.

How does SAIL work?


- Boxter provides reports and metrics that make sense of content strategy -


- Current efforts and competitors are compared -


- Client makes informed decisions and sets goals -


- Step-by-step guidelines are implemented for reaching target goals -


- Follow-up metrics and support ensures success -



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This marketing campaign helped Boxter fine tune the SAIL marketing system to provide repeatable results.  Boxter is now implementing this methodology with other clients, and will be posting the results in upcoming case studies. SAIL has been tested and proven to achieve significant growth through a comprehensive content strategy system and metrics.  



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