How to Rate & Compare Websites
for Marketing ROI


NEED: An objective system for comparing websites regarding their potential for online marketing.
SOLUTION: Boxter created the D.W.A.R.F.S. metrics and competitive analysis system to evaluate websites. It focuses on components that determine the effectiveness of growing web traffic and acquiring customers.

The methodology and metrics are based on scientific principles and rely heavily on market research.  We have analyzed sites over time, compiled data on performance and based the work on academic research.  (All references included in the white paper)

The goal is to help you understand websites better, and how they rank against competition. These metrics provide a simple framework for learning and discussion.


"D.W.A.R.F.S. dwarfs other methods of website analysis."

Verb (used with object)
To cause to appear or seem small in size, extent, character, etc., as by being much larger or better:




Discovering your site content easily is the first step of audience engagement




Working sites are free of technical errors and increase user satisfaction




Accessibility means everyone can view your content, including search engine bots




Responsive design provides a consistent user experience on all computers and mobile devices




Fast loading pages keep people engaged longer and boosts your SEO




Sharing content completes the feedback loop for increasing organic web traffic



4 Steps to Rising Above the Competition

  1. Objectively analyze your website in comparison to the competition
  2. Identify the limiting factors in your website
  3. Prioritize needed updates based on the calculated ROI of each one
  4. Execute your plan for implementing updates and test




To fully implement DWARFS effectively there are seven steps. The details of each are covered in the white paper.

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Boxter uses the DWARFS system to automate the process of website analysis. Once a site has been tested it can be compared to competitors' sites. This data can then help you make informed decisions about the strengths and weaknesses of each. And then actionable steps can be determined for adjusting any of these factors. This methodology simply allows you to have a productive conversation based on hard numbers, so you can set reachable goals.  


Case Study:

200% Hypergrowth through Content Marketing


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DWARFS is just one of the tools Boxter uses to have a conversation about your marketing efforts.  These metrics help you talk about websites in a productive way.  It's all about getting better results and a higher ROI.

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Case Study:

200% Hypergrowth through Content Marketing



BOATS White Paper:

Metrics and Competitive Analysis for Content Marketing




All references are included in the white paper.