Metrics & Competitive Analysis
for Content Marketing

Does your content strategy makes sense to you? Do you know what content will get the best results? 


"When you publish content to the internet, it's like launching a new boat. A certain percentage sink. Some will float. And the best-built boats will sail faster and win races." 
― Michael Riley


Everyone is saying you should post high quality content. But what are the specific steps to make it happen? How do you set goals and compare content?  

Our team at Boxter has broken down and analyzed the components that make up high quality content for online marketing.  We take a scientific approach that's based on research. (All references included in the white paper)
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Beautiful design captures an audience and draws them in immediately


From an online marketing perspective it's important that the look and feel of the content be aligned to the brand as well as the audience. It's not a matter of good vs. bad design, but rather how the design of the content performs in real world testing.

Original content has a unique value to offer and can't be found elsewhere


Each piece of content has a value proposition.  And it's not going to stand out if this value can be easily found elsewhere. The amount of original content, and the novelty of it, are important factors we use in calculating its potential for success.

Accuracy in targeting your audience is critical in capturing their interest and attention


Market research and customer personas are required to understand your audience. Content will perform better when it's accurately targeted. Guidelines can be set based on research and testing. The goal is to achieve better results with your specific audience.

Timely content is relevant and important now, as well as in the future


Content can be an excellent long term investment if it continues to be relevant and important to your audience over time.  Evergreen content has a higher value, but can take more thought and effort to create. The value over time can be projected and analyzed based on key attributes.

Stories provide a path to emotional connections and increased engagement


Humans naturally respond to stories that trigger emotional responses. Research has shown that people are more likely to share and engage with content that makes them feel a strong connection. The basic building blocks of storytelling are well studied and can be analyzed based on these attributes.

BOATS teaches you how to get better results from content and, shows you why it works.



There's seven steps to implement BOATS effectively. The details of how it all works are included in the full white paper.
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By rating and evaluating every aspect of your content marketing we can provide detailed analysis and goal-based recommendations. Competitive analysis can then be performed using the same framework. A BOATS report results in actionable steps that show you how to rise above the noise.  

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You simply pick the goal. We plot the course and give you the tools to reach your destination.


"A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for." 

-Albert Einstein


BOATS is just one of the tools Boxter uses to have a conversation about your marketing efforts. These metrics help you communicate more effectively about content.  It's all about understanding how to get the best results and ROI.


Thanks to:

Dr. Jonah Berger, Dr. Rufus Rankin and Wil Reynolds



All references are included in the white paper.

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